Transit Custom Steering Lock Fail

Due to the high numbers of Transit Custom and other Ford steering locks failing, we now carry a stock or replacement
steering lock barrels ready to fit to your vehicle, no need to wait for parts delivery.

Call us now – 07958 688844

Transit Custom Remote

The Ford Transit and Transit Custom from 2017 require a different type of programming when installing replacement Transit and Transit Custom remote keys.
We are proud to say that we are able to install and program the latest Transit Custom from 2017 onward.
If you need a replacement Transit Custom key, call us for a great quote on: 07958 688844

2010 Transit Will Not Allow Key To Be Programmed

Transit Programming Fault – Solved!

Ford transit replacement key problem solved  A common fault which is particular to the 2010 range of Ford Transit range is that the vehicle will not allow a new key to be programmed.
The symptoms are usually that the alarm continues to sound once a locksmith has unlocked the vehicle by picking the door lock.
When the locksmith attempts to add or delete keys, the programming device freezes or shows illegible code.
Having discussed this problem with many other auto locksmiths, it was clear that this problem could not be overcome…Until now; We have developed a method to allow old keys to be deleted and new keys added, even when the Transit has the alarm sounding.
If you are experiencing this problem and would like us to come and make replacement keys, or program your key, call us on 07966515164 and we will give you a great quote and help you get your Transit back on the road

Ford T17 ID63 80 Bit Transponder Availability

ThT17 id63 80 bit transponderere has been a global shortage of transponder chips for later Ford cars including: Fiesta, Mondeo and Focus.
We always have a full stock of T17 80/40 and 80/80 bit transponders as well as a stock of Genuine Ford Remote Key Fob for later Ford Cars and Vans.

If you need a Ford Key, call us now for a fast replacement Ford Key – 0800 634 4789

Ford Keys Chester

Ford Keys Chester

We are now fully open in Chester, ready to help you with low cost Ford keys and remote keywe will beat any writen quote for replacement ford keys fobs.

Check out our great prices and service by calling 01244 399917

Ford keys chester

What to do if you lost the car key

Lost car keys, especially lost Ford keys can be a real problem.
Something as small as a car key can cause so much disruption and inconvenience

Fortunately, we are here to help. Open throughout the week, and weekends as well as the holidays.
We are ready to come to your aid and help you back on the road, at home, the carpark, the beach, the mountains, just about anywhere that a car key can be lost, we will come and rescue you.
In the event that you realise that you have lost your keys, or locked the keys in the car, a quick call to us and we will give you a quote and an estimated arrival time. Once you book us, the wheels are set in motion to get you going again with a new key or remote fob, made to fit your cars locks and programmed to start the car. We will even erase the lost key if you think it may have fallen into the wrong hands.


If you need a Ford key, call us on 0800 634 4789 or if you use a mobile, call or text us on 07966 515164

Which is my remote?

Choose 1 or 2 to tell us which ford remote is yours

We are often called by people who have lost their Ford Intelligent Keyless Remote.

The one that does not have a key blade. As there are 2 different remotes, we have now put the 2 on one page so you can see which one is yours and then tell us if it’s number 1 The Curved Remote or Number 2 the Pear Shaped Remote. Simple!

Ford Keys and Remotes Manchester

We cover the entire greater Manchester area with a full Ford emergency auto locksmith callout keys manchester logo

We are open 7 days including weekends and bank holidays

We have replacement keys and remotes at great prices ready to fit your car or van

ford keys and remotes manchester
Ford Keys Manchester are a callout service with professional auto locksmiths able to visit your home, work or site where the vehicle is located and make new replacement Ford keys to fit the locks on your vehicle and get you back on the road again.

We also unlock Ford cars with keys locked inside

New KA Keys at Great Prices

We are able to supply replacement keys for the newer shape Ford KA built after 2008.
We are one of the few UK companies able to program and cut keys for the Ford KA 2008 and later.
If you have a Ford KA lost key and you are in the North West, we can helpFord KA keys
Try us for a great quote and speedy service 07966 515164

Ford Performance Remap Service

Did you know that we also have a Ford Performance mapping service where we can add power and economy to your Ford car or van by changing the coding inside the ECU.
The work is done by plugging into the vehicle diagnostic socket and uploading modified economy and power files direct to the ECU which will then give up to 10% more MPG and up to 30% more BHP

Call for a free quote: 07966 515164