Replace Lost Ford Focus Keys

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The Ford Focus in it’s many variations is one of if not  the most popular family cars in Britain.
The Ford Focus has been in production since 1998 and the early models up to  2004  used the Ford TFord Focus Keysibbe lock and key system with the Ford PATS immobiliser system. As such, the Ford Focus is now a very difficult vehicle for thieves to take as it is hard to unlock and without professional auto locksmith key programming equipment, it’s virtually impossible for thieves to bypass the immobiliser

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One word of warning. We are often called out to people who opened the boot with the boot button on their fob, then they put the keys in the boot while they loaded their shopping, then as they slammed the boot, they found that the front doors and tailgate were locked as the boot button does not unlock the front doors and when you shut the tailgate, the car is once again locked, only this time the keys are inside. If this happens to you, call us for a fast and sympathetic key rescue and we will recover the Ford Focus keys locked in the boot.