How to program your Ford remote key or fob to your Ford car or van - full instructions

DIY Ford Remote Key and Fob Programming

Here is how to program your Ford remote in seconds for free.

Ford garages charge up to £70 for this remote programming service, now you can do it yourself for free.

Ford Fiesta – Focus – Mondeo – Connect: Cycle ignition quickly from ON to OFF until you hear the chimes – press a button on each remote to be coded, as each remote is programmed you will hear a chime. Once you have programmed each remote, start the engine to close the learning cycle. Wait one minute before trying the remotes.

Ford Transit up to 2005 –
1. Close all the doors.
2. Turn Ignition key from position 0 to II eight times within 10 seconds.
3. Make sure the vehicle locks and unlocks the doors.
4. Press the remote transmitter button within 20 seconds., and make sure the vehicle locks and unlocks all the doors.
5. Up to 20 seconds is allowed to program the next remote transmitter.
6. To program additional remote transmitters, repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. Turn the ignition key to position 0 to exit the programming mode.Note : Maximum 4 remote transmitters may be programmed.
Note : . Ensure the vehicle battery is fully charged and the anti-theft alarm system is not armed or triggered.
Note : If programming ends with no new remote transmitters, the originals are retained.
Note : The anti-theft alarm and double locking module will exit programming mode automatically if four new remote transmitters have been programmed or if no new remote transmitters programmed within the 20 second programming mode.

KA Street KA: Cycle the ignition ON/OFF at least 4 times and then press remote button Рthere is no chime or feedback so wait one minute and test the remote.

If the remotes don’t program first time, try again, same if the chimes don’t start after turning the ignition (Don’t try to start the car, just switch from position 2 to position 3 quickly) try again.

NOTE: If your vehicle came to you without a remote, test if it is configured to take a remote by following  the ignition on and of sequence, if you hear the chime, then it will take a remote. On a transit if you hear the locks cycle, you can then program a remote.