How to Replace Lost Ford Keys

Lost car keys, especially lost Ford keys can be a real problem.
Something as small as a car key can cause so much disruption and inconvenience

Fortunately, we are here to help. Open throughout the week, and weekends as well as the holidays.
We are ready to come to your aid and help you back on the road, at home, the carpark, the beach, the mountains, just about anywhere that a car key can be lost, we will come and rescue you.
In the event that you realise that you have lost your keys, or locked the keys in the car, a quick call to us and we will give you a quote and an estimated arrival time. Once you book us, the wheels are set in motion to get you going again with a new key or remote fob, made to fit your cars locks and programmed to start the car. We will even erase the lost key if you think it may have fallen into the wrong hands.


If you need a Ford key, call us on 0800 634 4789 or if you use a mobile, call or text us on 07958 688844