2010 Transit Will Not Allow Key To Be Programmed

Transit Programming Fault – Solved!

Ford transit replacement key problem solved  A common fault which is particular to the 2010 range of Ford Transit range is that the vehicle will not allow a new key to be programmed.
The symptoms are usually that the alarm continues to sound once a locksmith has unlocked the vehicle by picking the door lock.
When the locksmith attempts to add or delete keys, the programming device freezes or shows illegible code.
Having discussed this problem with many other auto locksmiths, it was clear that this problem could not be overcome…Until now; We have developed a method to allow old keys to be deleted and new keys added, even when the Transit has the alarm sounding.
If you are experiencing this problem and would like us to come and make replacement keys, or program your key, call us on 07966515164 and we will give you a great quote and help you get your Transit back on the road